The Midwest Equine Dental Academy is a leader in offering a comprehensive curriculum designed to educate the student with an overall approach to equine dentistry.

History of Equine Dentistry

  • Understanding the evolution of Equine Dentistry to current status

Gross Anatomy

  • Equine Dental and Skeletal Anatomy
  • Body conditioning and scoring
  • Overview equine breeds and specific dental related issues.
  • Professional Terminology

Oral Anatomy/Tooth Identification

  • Skeletal structure
  • Musculature and innervation as it relates to mastication
  • Directional terminology
  • Tooth eruption sequence
  • Professional Aging


  • Healthy oral structure
  • Common malocclusions
  • Malocclusion terminology
  • Oral maladies
  • Anatomical terminology

Oral Examination

  • Documentation principles/purpose/function
  • Oral examination process
  • Clinical Experience
  • Occlusal/incisal angles
  • Lateral Excursion
  • Grind
  • Dental diseases

Equine Dental Treatment

  • Common and dramatic malocclusions and maladies
  • Available instrumentation
  • Instrumentation utilization
  • Instrumental technique
  • The need for referrals

Clinical Experience will include but not be limited to

  • Thorough External and internal exam
  • Body scoring
  • Equine Dental Charting System
  • Identifying Malocclusions
  • Incisal angle
  • Professional aging
  • Grind and mastication
  • Correct instrumentational usage
  • Non surgical extractions